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About Tia

Hello and welcome to my site!

Thank you very much for visiting and i hope you can find something to interest you here.

I am a psychic clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. Ive been reading Tarot cards for 15 years now  and am a natural healer using crystals. I also paint psychic landscapes which are  tools for healing, and you can see some examples of this in my photo gallery (i apologise now if some are in semi finished states but i usually have a few 'on the go'). I also use psy cards and love working with Angelic and elemental energies.  I also love writing and in my blog you can also read some of my monologues and other pieces of prose; even some suggestions for 'spiritual' living.

I love working with Spirit mainly because it is so rewarding and insightful; in helping people take stock of what they have, reach for something new or just to recieve a message from a loved one who has passed over never fails to give me a feeling of accomplishment. We are never alone and we are always loved, no matter what system of belief you have come from or been taught, as long as you live life from your heart thats what matters most.

In my readings you will find me to be truthful and to the point, if something needs to be said and passed on i wont censor the message because it isn't mine, its yours. Should you book a reading with me please pass on your feedback in my testimonial section and details of how to book you will find in my 'contact us'... bit.

Aside from all my 'psychic' work im also just a standard 33 (eek!) year old ginger woman who loves music, going out and meeting people, taking photos and watching comedy, drama and horror films. 

 I also have a drama degree and love acting, though i can be a terrible Diva at least i know it( Because quite frankly i was incredible in 'The Taming of the Shrew!'). That even lends itself to karaoke  which i think is awesome and everyone should try! Im also a black coffee obsessive and i smoke too much (cigarettes nothing more thanks) so i dont overdo it on the health stakes. 

I love woodland and fairie tales and cycling and i love play fighting with my partner because nothings better than a good old game of hide and seek no matter what your age. I also love laughing and making people laugh because lifes all about that, maintaining laughter even in the most dismal situation can always help you above and beyond.

I became a mother two years ago and am expecting my second son in May 2015. Its a crazy whirlwind adventure and i must say the first pregnancy (where i could sit and bloat at leaisure) was easier; being a mum however is awesome and i cant imagine my life without my son Newton, its as though he was always here and the time before just wasn't important. 

So please if you like what you see, or even if not, get in contact because its lovely to share information as well as meet new people with similar interests -or not!-and if you want to see examples of my writing, paintings and photos (soon to be ghost hunt photos) then have a leisurely snoop around. To book a reading then please contact me, or if you're in the West Sussex area i am based in 'The Brewery Shades' - a 14th Century Gaol- every last Sunday of the month.

And spread the good word!

Love, light and laughter to you,

Thank you.

Tia xxxxxxx


  • "Thank you again, your reading was amazing. I won't have a reading with anyone else. Lots of validations throughout. Xxxx"
    Yet another amazing reading
  • "My reading with Tia was amazing, lots of validations and exciting times ahead . Tia is truley gifted and so lovely to have a reading with. Thank you Tia xx "
    Very happy customer