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It can be quite an interesting life, from the perspective of an Indigo child.

The renegade trailblazers who, unlike those that came before, do not do it the way it is perhaps taught. Too sensitive and always feeling different. Labelled ADHD or attention seekers.

Feeling too much and going off the rails either through drinking, violence or drugs. Or just creating a little more mayhem than necessary.

And, at least in my own experience, I have found that I grew up in a household of atheists, that as years have passed, their wall dissolves , amazing how the threat of 'the final curtain' can really alter a few mindsets. Now it seems my parents speak of always believing and feeling things themselves... Now.... After I followed my path and had to dodge judgement bullets all the way.



If you think you are indigo, here's a quick checklist taken from the Wikipedia page on Indigo children.


'Descriptions of indigo children include that they:


Are empathetic, curious, strong-willed, and independent

Are often perceived by friends and family as being strange

Possess a clear sense of self-definition and purpose

Show a strong innate subconscious spirituality from early childhood (which, however, does not necessarily imply a direct interest in spiritual or religious areas)

Have a strong feeling of entitlement, or deserving to be here

Other alleged traits include:


High intelligence quotient

Inherent intuitive ability

Resistance to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority'


Make sense? Sound like you?


I always thought that once I had honed my abilities, worked with my 'strangeness' I would suddenly 'fit in' with other psychic folk. I don't know where I got that idea, I'm pretty sure my inner child's naivety was at work there.


For example, unlike most other sensitives and psychics in the mainstream I find the twee and chintzy a little offensive, preferring instead a gnome and cauldron on my table. I don't get along well with the stuffy and so very prim that seems to follow if you like spiritual things, or even the long armpit hairs and grime of the earthy hippy.

I'm somewhere inbetween.

Im also, mostly self taught and just followed where spirit guided and learnt accordingly.

Spiritualist churches were not for me, but my own determination and choice of books on psychic development helped me no end. It seems there are too many rules and regulations on what you can and cannot say. Too many limits and ways of doing it.

I like reading cards at scare attractions and now a metal Festivel, which will be different. Spirit lead you to where you'll be comfortable, I think.


So, I have a few words of advice for those who have the Indigo gift, who are through and through an Indigo child.


Firstly, instead of feeling that you are somehow impaired by your extra sensory ability, embrace it! If you sense other people's feelings, try by asking if the other person IS feeling that way, you may feel silly, but trust me after a while of being right, you won't care. Listen to that vibe.


Secondly, sadly yes, the world is run by rules, we do have to listen to those authority figures sometimes and yes sometimes we do have to do what we're told. Not always, but sometimes, there are certain things where we do just have to follow the line. But, you can also create your own rules by which to live, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. Those boundaries are there by society to crowd control, they are also there so that we can all work in unison. Causing a disturbance sometimes isn't necessary.


Third, Channel that immense amount of energy that boils up inside. Use it for something useful. Be it through creative outlet- Indigoes are notoriously creative, just sometimes misdirected- such as painting, writing, graphic design, music, whatever. Find something that speaks to you and channel that power through it. You will surprise yourself.


Fourth, If you can't decide on a career path, because your talents are too many and interests so varied; choose one, merely for the sake of the way our education system works, but do the other things too and know that at no point are you giving up on those other interests, you are just putting a bit more focus on one. You can do them alongside, or later. Always pick those things that you love and your enthusiasm glows with because that's where you will concentrate!


Finally, If someone doesn't believe in you, more fool them.

Believe in yourself.


Oh! and one last thing, have a look out there, on that there web, at all the information there is for Indigo children, you are not alone in feeling different and a little outside. For being 'weird' and 'strange', nowadays the world embraces the peculiar, so love that about yourself. Cherish your kookiness, after all, why would you want to be like everyone else?




References : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigo_children


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People seem to like to surround themselves with noise.

Noise that mutes what's inside. A need to hide it, muffle it, surround it in a cocoon of other sound simply to drown it out.

I notice this, when people awake and first thing they switch on the tv, or the radio. Instead of calmly going over what they dreamt, what they feel. Assessing it, working with it, enjoying it even.... They muffle it with Tv and Internet, radio. Prattle or song. iPad, laptop, smartphone..... All this technology, great as it undoubtedly is, disconnects you from yourself. Sparkles your eyes with colours, overstimulates and sensitises you.

Gets you wired.

Gets you fired.

Gets you in a state that is not what you should naturally be.

It's all in the signal. The vibration.

I try not to fall into the trap, a simple level game will dazzle me for hours.

Quietly, when I awake, listening sometimes not to my inward notions but of what I hear outside of myself, what those around me do not say but are screaming about inside, I try to listen to myself. Or my guides.

I like silence, or birdsong, or the sound of rain.

I like peaceful sounds. When in the mood I love music and to make my own noise.

But, in this, I also notice how so many around me, need that outer noise to silence the din therein, when you wonder... Is it necessary?

Is the voice, are the memories or the feelings within so very unsettling that you need earplugs of reverb outside to quiet it. To live?

Is what's inside you so very frightening that you must make everything outside of you loud to shut it up?

Silence will come eventually, when sleep draws near...In the bedroom where it's quiet and the voice you have neglected all day hears an opening, it will then shout to be heard, acknowledged, desperate for some acknowledgement.

So your mind races then, through all the fears and worries and people you have to work on and with, and you can't sleep because you don't want to acknowledge it, don't want to listen. Don't want to let go.

There's only so long a solo can go on for.

There's only so long a scheduled programme will be on for.

There's only so long an iPad battery lasts.

A party always has an end.

The inner voice will always come up, you can't drown her/him out forever.

So, what do you do?

Just Be (kind to it.)

They call you the squanderer.

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Whilst watching a film the other night, curled up in an empty cinema with my boyfriend, being scared every other moment, there was a line that i had not realised was so poignant until this morning it came back to me.

A character turns to another because the main fellow has been possessed, and says: 'he wants what you have.....life.'

If you could take a moment to think on that.

To imagine and look in from an outside view, of someone who is deceased and unable to do or change anything, perhaps just watch as life goes on. How people can affect the world, make it better, make it worse, move objects, breathe, make love and eat. Water a plant, take a walk and smell the air, feel the day, hold a hand. Make a difference and leave a mark.All those things we can do, because we have bodies to fill, to move and alter. Voices loud enough to be heard by another in a room.

We can change things, we can sing and dance and laugh and other people can do it with us, or watch us and appreciate us and we know that they do, because they are meaty and alive. The corpus form that assures you,' I'm here, what shall we do?'.

So why do we squander it so?

Why do we waste our time feeling sorry for ourselves, getting angry, ruining beautiful moments and throwing poison at others, those we love? Or hurting ourselves by creating toxic situation instead of loving and laughing. Why do we waste that time we have because, well, we don't have all that long as this person, as this body, at this exact moment of - for me- 31.

There is another film, ' Constantine' where the Archangel Gabriel played by the terrifyingly androgynous Thilda Swinton is explaining why she is bringing such hideousness to the earth plane. To quote: Gabriel: You're handed this precious gift, right? Each one of you granted redemption from the Creator – murderers, rapists, molesters – all of you just have to repent, and God takes you into His bosom. In all the worlds and all the universe, no other creature can masuch a boast, save man. It's not fair.

Gabriel: If sweet, sweet God loves you so, then I will make you worthy of His love. But it's only in the face of horror that you truly find your nobler selves – and you can be so noble. So … I will bring you pain. I will bring you horror.'

You do not have to be religious or spiritual in any way to accept this idea. That we have a precious gift, 'life' and in some way we squander it and through the adversity of tragedies we become noble, good.

Life is a precious gift, whether you view it from an atheist standpoint where there is nothing more than stardust, atoms and dark matter whirling about in chaotic oblivion to create by mistake. Even in that viewpoint, that is even more reason to live and make and do and even if you don't leave a memory that is great and grand, still you could say - to the darkness where you no longer exist- that you lived and you loved every minute.

And even to those who do follow a creed, sitting back and preaching or judging or wasting time thinking up negative things, doesn't help anyone or make your life beautiful. And we are here to do that. Live, happy, joy filled lovely lives.

We are here to enjoy every precious second that ticks by. Our lovely meat sacks that allow us the ability to change and alter in this physical reality have a finite point where they will cease to function for us and where they go to the earth to fertilise ( if we wouldn't store them in coffins that denies the earth our nutrients). I believe we live on and take on different forms and states and have been and will be different people, but, but.... I will not be Tia in those other lives.

I will only be Tia for this short life span, and I like myself a lot. I love the skills and abilities I have. I love my hair and this body and my friends and my baby and my life and my partner, as me now, here. I like this time line and the trees and the smell of the changing seasons. i like my cards and my third eye and my art and my writing and performing. All of which i have and do now, as me Tia.

Next life, i may not.

So why would I waste anymore time up in my head not helping, not serving, not creating or being happy when there is so much out there to see and do and create with and contribute to?

If we could all just see it from the eyes of those who can no longer be who they were in that life, who are stuck with a refusal to move into the light and let go. If we could feel what it would feel like to no longer be the person they were having not left much behind, not leaving enough loving memories, or friends or achievements. To have lived and then ' blip!' Just gone.... I think we would live differently and make as many seconds in as many days count for something. Even if just for ourselves to know we lived to our hearts and our spirits and the beats of our own different drums and refused to blame or excuse through fear.

To just live happily and be who we are and let go of all that 'stuff' because it doesn't matter. None of that matters.

Ultimately, only life does.

'Its all a bit of fun'... Is it?

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I have found recently, whilst doing readings for fibbers, depending on the severity of the lies that I now see a part of myself psychically stand up and shout 'get out!' And point to the door, or hear very loudly 'liar!'.

It's a little off putting but ultimately gives me a loud psychic boost to say what I'm feeling. If i sense the need to have my head bowed, coy unable to maintain eye contact, then I know. I can feel the burning guilt and shame .

For example.

This evening, a group of burly sorts and two ladies wishing, no doubt to have a laugh ( and why not) in an 'its all a bit of fun' kinda way, trundled into my incense soaked hut. Sadly this sort of group want me to be wrong so they can diss it all when they leave, I then have an inner voice that's going to prove them all wrong.

It's always, well, not tricky reading for individuals in a group, but depending on circumstances wires can get crossed, and you have five people's stories all intermingling if you don't concentrate. This is why in these circumstances I rely on the cards.

Anyhow, biting my tongue and getting on with my part in their play as 'the fortune teller', and attempting not to be affected by their ignorance ( as you can tell, a little unsuccessfully ) I doled out the cards one by one for each member.

The first reading was what it was, the woman was making the odd joke and obviously for the sake of her ego unwilling to give much away whether cards were quite accurate, because well what if they laughed at her for believing!? heaven forfend!

They wanted it to be a joke. I wasn't giving them any such thing.

The second lady, ha now the plot thickened. Here in front of my was the story of her cheating husband who was sat beside her. And how it occurred some time past, and how this would come out very soon and how she would be treated fairly, legally speaking. Saying it as clearly as possible , without saying ' you're husband is a cheat!' because well this was very private, making the point clear enough: betrayal four and a half years ago, gonna come out, dont worry about how youll get by. At the same time I saw myself stan up, point to the door and shout ' cheat! Liar! Get out!'.

She stared blankly, chuckled nervously and said it didn't make sense.

I found myself saying ' well I'm not changing my story'. Clearly channeling the love rat sat opposite me, eyes down.

This is why a group isn't the best way to do it.

Why also when a warning appears I won't lie and I have no qualms in saying what I see, tactfully.

Warning: I will expose you.

I also felt his discomfort as though I couldn't meet the eye, refused to make eye contact. I was right.

I carried on, and though dissatisfied felt my guides huddle close and say, 'it will come out' and got a sense of a time not far off where truth would be bared for all.

Satisfied, I moved on.

The other readings clearly made sense and the men were unhappy about that, and uncomfortable that I was not a fraud.

The oblivious lady turned to her husband and said 'go on then, your go'. The response was a resounding ' no, no I'm not having one'. Even though, they were all going to when they walked in..* scratches chin*

After much goading the answer was the same only followed by ' come on lads I really need a pint. Lets go get a pint'.


Yes, I'll bet he did need that pint.


It's not very nice when your lies are exposed and your ignorance shaken, is it?


Don't diss this tarot reader.




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I had a reading recently, two actually one after the other, the particulars of which are not important. But something bothered me, and since I have not even thought of it, given air to it or even pondered really what it might be.

Then, I realised.

When you work with spirit, you must give respect, some sense of reverence to it.

The mere fact that guides or relatives are giving time ( relatively speaking) to come through and pass on a message should be enough to give respect to it, if of course you are treating it as what it is, guidance and something mystical to respect. Not a tongue in cheek pinch of salt lets have a laugh.

If that's the case, then, you'll probably offend your reader who works very hard to be a clear channel and who works with spirit for great reward and some personal sacrifice.

It's not easy being sensitive.

Now, I'm unsure as to whether this is a guide working with me, a teacher guide perhaps ( I'm lead to believe, a pious school ma'am in fact) or a little part of myself, but....

You would not go to a church service drunk.

You would not go to a funeral bladdered.

You would not attend a christening munted.

You would not go to a wedding pissed.

So why, oh why, would you turn up to a reading still drunk from the night before?

Fair enough in certain situations there is more of a party atmosphere and thus the occasion lends itself to it. Sometimes there is more tongue in cheek or light hearted ness.

Sometimes, however, spirit want to deliver a message, but if you have not given the relevant respect or basic etiquette to be sober and compus mentus, then perhaps you do not deserve the message.

My home is not a church or a place of sacrosanct worship as such.

But it is the space in which I invite higher spiritual energies. It is the space where I pray and ask for guidance and deliver divine messages.

You don't have to believe or worship, flagellate yourself day and night or shave the middle part of your hair free.

But you can respect what your reader is doing.

You would not mistreat a priest or a vicar. And you would not offend a nun ( funny it might be) so why is a reading any different?

Why would a tarot reading or clairvoyant reading and especially healing be treated with any less reverence than a morning service or midnight mass?

Because it is direct divine contact in one form or another and your reader is tuning in to higher beings to deliver a message to you.

So, please, treat it with a little more respect.

'I can't and I don't want to'.

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So many people, seem to be living a lie.

Far too many.

I mean this in so far that I enjoy and want to live from my spirit, guided by love and living and working with those who wish to do the same.

Spirit works from the heart and when you live from your spirit everything is lovely. You see with eyes that love, see opportunities, you laugh easily and everything makes sense. You live in love and grace and it feels good. Right and true.

Now, with these psychic ears of mine, as part of what I do, I tend to pick up on... Well most of what people are thinking/ feeling, or at least get a good idea of it.

The biggest challenge to living from the spirit is ego interference and resistance.

If you aren't living from your spirit, doing what you love and feeling good it could well be that your job or circumstances or old ways of thinking are hindering you from living this way.

With my psychic lug 'oles the most bothersome thing ( corresponding mithery feeling ) that I pick up on are these two phrases: ' I can't and 'I don't want to'.

Ultimately, unless your'e dead, there's nothing you can't really do... With determination and grit you can probably (at least in most cases) succeed in the thing you resist and say you cannot do. And if not get all the way get most of the way to your goal. It's only you standing in your own way.

'I don't want to' is something else.

'I don't want' to is the most irritating phrase because it puts up a block and half the time it's usually in response to something that would better and improve a situation. And if you are in a situation where you consistently utter this phrase then its time to ask 'why you don't want to' and perhaps then address what you need to change.

I know then comes the fear of change and the internal dialogue that runs: 'but if I do this then ill have to do that, change this, leave this, go there etc etc and well 'I can't ' so ' I don't want to'. So I won't change anything. I won't follow my heart because the big bad bully in my head frightens me and tells me it wouldn't work anyway so ill just stay and live a half life I because I'm too afraid'.

So ultimately people remain in their resistive cycles going round and round the old unhelpful thought patterns, blaming everyone else for things arent as contented inside them and why they are angry when if they changed their thinking, if they gave up the resistance and did those things they wanted to do, without guilt, stopped resisting they might be a damn site happier.

It's frustrating for someone like me who wants to improve things, live honestly and from my spirit who shrieks 'I can and I do want to!'.

In my private life I hear it also and that's worse because well, I'm not there to guide, that's not my sole role but, it is what comes up when I'm trying to relax and I hear all this resistive and unhelpful interference.

Obviously I too have my own resistive patterns, I get too involved in other people's stuff and neglect my own sometimes.

But, that is my choice to do so, no one else's, that is my own 'fault' but I know what I want to do, I know when something isn't right and when I should be somewhere or not and what is good for me. I know I can. And I know that I do want to, and I won't pretend I do when I don't.

I won't live a lie.

Sadly too many are willing to.




Shadow self.

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I have these cards, not Tarot- though i have many of those- they're called 'Archetype cards'.

They're a type of card developed by a psychologist which though not draped in antiquity and intrigue like the Tarot, are very useful.

They tell us about ourselves through the use of Archetypes. Now Archetypes, for those that don't know, are the 'Guides', The 'Queen', the 'thief'. They are the stock meanings, and stock aspects of ourselves which we are employing in certain situations.

Within these we have our shadow selves. The parts of ourselves we keep hidden and obscured because they are not quite as palatable as the more positive.

We even hide these aspects from ourselves unless we are willing to acknowledge, accept and heal these aspects.

For example, i know that i would be a 'witch' and in that i have engaged with the darker side of myself, quite some time ago. I learnt my lesson and through acknowledgement of this part of myself that was perhaps, power hungry and in need of excercising and excorsizing i have released it. Or at least integrated that part of myself to know that once i was capable of thinking a certain way and thus being and doing certain things.

Through my acceptance of her i have since released her and do no need to engage with it. I know i have it within me to be that way, much as i have the 'gossip' and 'thief' but through experience, mistakes, realisation and acceptance i have somewhat 'cleansed' that.

We all have these shadow aspects and too many of us are unwilling to look through ourselves or we engage too completely and give over to these more unpleasant sides. Perhaps in order to feel powerful, unafraid, in control and to defend our sensitive inner selves.

Through darkness there is always light, and through light comes true accomplishment.

The shadow selves are the motivations behind kind deeds that only appear that way and in turn only serve the self. The metaphorical wool we pull over our own eyes in a bid to feel justified and strong.

The shadow self may not want others to succeed, it may wish ill on others, it may gratify ourselves through narcissism and selfishness.


It may martyr itself for approval, provide a weak backdrop of naivety, it may not stand up for itself repeatedly as a way of maintaining victimhood and blame all others instead.

The shadow self is very powerful energy when worked with but can become an excuse and self sabotage until acknowledged.

It is fascinating when you start to look at and analyse your own motivations and how you respond to certain situations, and discover is it your lighter brighter loving self that is motivating you to help...or is it the darker heavier side that feels it needs to subtley silk its way through to grease a situation for later advancement... It takes time and a willingness to be honest.

Next time have a look and don't be afraid to acknowledge 'the bitch', 'the whore', 'the damsel', 'the saboteur', 'the hero' and 'the martyr' because they are just as important in their darker form, sometimes more important because they just need more love and acceptance.

Once integrated we can only be more whole and powerful as a result.


Crystals, types and their care.

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A little word on crystals.

Wonderful magickal rocks, that if clear enough one can feel their individual energies, buzzing or humming or singing or pulsing through your hand, around your body and in certain, specific, needed parts.

There are thousands of crystals and they all have specific purposes.

Sadly, so many people look with blinkered five sensory eyes and spot 'a rock. A pretty colourful one, but a rock nonetheless.'

Kirlean cameras have picked up the auras around these things, and one should research that and their many healing qualities, before judging.

Crystals have souls, they have knowledge held inside their sometimes very delicate complex patterns. They have much to teach us, and all the New Age books and bibles will attest to that. Though once more, if you see with five sensory eyes, you will only scoff.

When they are done with you or what they can teach, or if an unloving atmosphere, they break or simply dissappear.

If they break, they must be buried, depending on the type of break. Sometimes a crystal wants to splinter and go off on its own way.

To cleanse them, as they must all be cleansed, you can use a variety of ways. Pure spring water, into which you 'send love' overnight, in moonlight, in daylight, salt or salt water or simply placed of an amethyst or clear quartz cluster. Carnelian is an excellent stone for cleansing other crystals and need never be cleansed itself (though i like to, just to freshen it up).

You can also smudge the crystal by burning sage under it, at this point you can also programme it with an intent- though be sure it is of the loving variety- 'An' it harm none.

Some, the fibrous brittle kind, must be cared for very specifically. When cleansing, full moonlight will do. No water, this goes for selenite, kunzite, kyanite and many others.

Malachite must not be cleansed with salt, it erodes the outer layers and the dust of malachite is quite toxic. Though it heals very quickly and strongly at the heart center, it is a strong crystal.

Lapis lazuli is a deeply therapeutic stone, excellent for insomniacs, aids one in walking and speaking ones own truth and works at the throat- or depending on your ideas of chakra colours, at the third eye for psychic awareness.

Rose Quartz, a staple and very common, is excellent for the lungs, the higher heart chakra. It instills restfullness and peace and brings one back to the heart centre. It is calming and is amazing first aid for burns- i did not read that, from experience i was badly scalded by boiling water through my own inattention, and immediately placed a rose quartz sphere to the site of the burn, within an hour all pain had subsided and was left with no blister or scar.

Ruby, stops all forms of psychic vampirism, so if you think someone is draining you simply programme the crystal, beaming into them the person in question - tell your crystal who you wish to stop- and then carry the ruby with you whenever you feel the need.

Clear Quartz, is the nergizer crystal. Being clear this crystal holds all seven colours of the rainbow and thus cleanses all chakras- energy centres. And remember, size is not always the indicator of strength, a double terminated Tibetan Quartz that i have or one of my tiny Herkimar diamonds are so strong that i can only hold or use them for a limited time because they're energy is so strong. The clear quartz is also a wondeful stone for clearing the crown ckara and working with higher spiritual power/energies. Angel communication can be very effective when meditating with this crystal.

Moonstone. Be it rainbow or standard, a seemingly dull coloured stone when not rainbow but very powerful. This stone releases and frees up the feminine energy for both men an women. Harnessing the power of the moon, goddess work is very powerful using this crystal. It is also very beneficial for mothers, helping the flow of hormones around the body and great for any ladies who have diffculty in their 'lady organs'. It releases cramps and emtions, but crae should be taken. Unless pregnant, do not wear at the full moon as it can affect your cycle, and if you have been suppressing emotions then be guaranteed, this stone will release them...or at least help you to do so. I would advise anyone to wear for short bursts of time because it will bring to the surface any feelings that were forgotten or neglected.

Black tourmaline. A life saver for 'new' psychics, or anyone who is a little too open. My blessed shaman friend has twice pressed this little black stone into my hand on those occaisions where the new and higher energy life was a little overwhelming. It will bring you back down to earth instantly. Though, some healers believe it should never be worn on the body, what one person needs, another may not and so it is entirely up to you. Black tourmaline is tremendously grounding, it blocks geopathic stress, psychic attack and returns back any negativity that may be sent out from an outside source. You can use it to grid your house, and by this i mean you place a piece in each corner or room with the intent to protect and absorb any lower energies.

Citrine, those golden glorious stone is ' the sunshine stone'. It imparts a feeling of joy and laughter and dissipates all gloom, you can programme it to brighten a room and it resonates with the solar plexus chakra, the seat of 'the self'. It is wonderful for brightening. It never needs cleansing as it self cleanses- though, as i say it is just nice to freshen them up- and though most are artificially dyed they're nonetheless lovely happy stones to have around.

Tourquoise, so protective. Wear it on the body to ward off psychic attack- especially from spirits or other realms- but be wary, if it turns green, it is a sign of unfaithful thoughts.

Carnelian, a stimulator of the blood it can be a little too strong. It does however inspire creativity, being that it resonates with the sacrel- and depending on its depth of colour, the base- chakra. It banishes all negativity and inspires more action. I feel much bubblier with a bit of carnelian, and if programmed can prtoect the scarel, which the area of the body where the life source energy clusters/ grids. In this area there are many meridians and care should be taken.

Smoky quartz, a lovely grounding stone, though do be careful when selecting as some peices are artificially radiated -these are easy to spot as they tend to be very dark and often opaque because of it- and what one should look for is the clearer naturally radiated pieces. They are very useful for gridding a house and for gently grounding you, so if you have been doing a lot of meditation of spiritual work in the upper chakras, this is a great stone for bringing you down gently (without the thump of tourmaline) into your 'earthly body' (yes i know *boo hiss*).

Selenite. A firbous stone as aforementionned, and so should never be brought into contact with water. This stone is wondeful for detaching entities from the aura, and if carried will ward them off.





Don't Blast.

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If ever you encounter a situation, whatever it may be, that inspires anger in you.

Think before you allow that anger to consume you.

Try to stop yourself, try, if you can, not to react so.

Try, if you can, to ask why is this happening.

Try not to take it personally and thus react.

Even if the other persons responses or remarks are unfair, unjust or unreasonable. Or just hurtful.

Try to stop yourself responding 'in kind', because you only contribute to an unloving situation and perpetuate a mutual flame that comes from a misunderstanding and a stance of ego vs ego.

Do not blast back, or withold and blast on another because this is Karmically and energetically damaging.

We're creating everyday, whatever our wavelength may be, whatever vibration we choose to be on. And it is all choice.

That energy goes around us in a spiral, it either moves swift and fast, a bushfire burning up whatever may stand in its path. A slow creeping strangling feeling where love and joy are squeezed away. A silent helmet of energy of too much thought.


A wonderful colourful kaleidoscope of laughter and joy. A loving flute song of understanding and compassion. A silent peaceful breeze in a sun strewn forest. A bubbling waterfall of breath and air and life.

These are our vibrations, our defaults and our creations.

Why would we want to contribute to the misunderstanding by adding our own toxic emotional responses, when we can disengage first and ask 'why?'. Not taking it personally and interpreting the reactions as an attack-even if they are.

When we react without love we attack ourselves. When we withold our love we are only hurting ourselves, and it is up to us if we choose to accept the situation, choose to absorb the 'poison' and prepetuate it.

It's hard to do. Its hard to have a clear head and heart. That is hard.

But it is possible and it can help much more than allowing negative vibrations to fall around a room, around you and into your heart.

If someone wishes to cut away and be hurtful there is nothing that we can do, but send love from a distance and ask for help, even if prayer and God and the Universe and all loving forces may make your stomach churn, trust me, it helps. They listen and they help if we are willing to surrender control.

And remember more important than anything, laugh.

Remember, no matter what happens, maintain your sense of humour and try to laugh at something. At the ludicrous actions of another in front of you.

Nothing can hurt you.

No one has power over you.

No matter the situation, past present or future, nobody has any power over you, only that which you permit.


As Sonia Choquette says :' A situation may be critical, but it is never serious.'




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If you find yourself meeting a situation in which you think 'its difficult' 'Its too hard' 'I can't'.

This is resistance.

This is where you are meeting a block inside yourself.

You must then, instead of brushing it away, or pretending you're fine, ask for guidance. Ask yourself why you think its so hard what is it that is causing you to tangle yourself up. Usually its because we are putting too much on ourselves.

There is a solution for everything and these 'sayings' are simply resistance to change.

Just be quiet for a little while, and a solution will present itself.

Ultimately nothing is too hard or too difficult only our approach to it is not perhaps the best way.

The simplest solution always seems the scariest, but there is always a solution, its merely our resistance to changing it.

Often we habitually put up walls, far too many of us say we cant do something, because we dont believe in ourselves, or the thought of changing something overall seems too big and we dont want to take responsibility.

So instead we stay stuck and keep making excuses. But that uses up so much more energy on being unhappy. Still, that is our choice. Always our own choice and we must always take responsibility for everything.

As a psychic i have encountered many people who put up resistance, and obviously i myself have and do still sometimes do it. What is frustrating is seeing someone who could be and do so much more with themselves, but because of habitual and paralysing fear they say they cannot. They believe they can't and so they can't.

The belief and the perspective is so strong that it blocks them.

But they are blocking themselves.

Blame will be thrown and defensive reactions often times come up, because they are unwilling to recognise that they are the reason they are unhappy and not moving forward on this block. Or, they realise and then punish themselves.

Still staying stuck in a cycle .

It takes a courage to face this, and it takes bravery to change it.

But, when you do, the changes slide into place and joy can fill your world.

Be willing to dance to your own tune. Sing your own song.

And say 'i can, its so easy and i love my life'.



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