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The Green light.

Posted by Tia Price on July 26, 2012 at 7:45 AM

In the inky blackness that surrounds it, i see a beautiful green whirling thing before me.

All around me all i can see, sense and feel is this impenetrable darkness that seems suffocating, like a too hot day when all you want to do is take off your clothes and lay in the dark.

I do not want to lay in this dark.

I do not want to stay here with this dark around me that seem somehow to be touching me, as though it has a consciousness, an intent, a motive.

It seems to want to do me harm and all i want to say is 'get off'.

But, there, before me, in the dark that has a soul of sorts, is that green whirling light.

Its so beautiful and it seems to emit a perfume, a glorious scent that entices a memory, maybe two, it calls me. It says 'come, and enjoy'.

It evokes a need in me, something wanton, something primal, something i just 'have, to have'.. I need to be near that light.

As i look about me and see that shifting nothingness of dark, around me, its spacious yet claustrophobic and the dark seems to begrudgingly aquiece to my urge, so i move forward, quietly.

There are no footfalls, only a stealthy movement, a purpose of will, a desire, a quencher.

3 feet down from where i watch i see the light.

The light glows and grows like a swirling green vortex of many butterfly wings drawn together, linked in a spiral of never ending whirls and turns and there i sense myself before i was here. There i sense a closeness i never felt before and its so beautiful and reviving and refreshing and for a minute a scene sets before me and i am in a beautiful place a memory of a time where i felt.

With this green light there is growth, there is life, there is more than the darkness that surrounds me and i 'have' something. I have a purpose, theres a reason to be here, there is a reason to continue existing.

The whirling green wings that shine and glow, they sense something, they sense me.

Another light joins of equal intensity and luminescent brightness. Suddenly like flares, like fireworks im in a multicoloured display and all these wheels of gold and rose and pink and mauve and orange are lighting up and dancing before my eyes, all different wings glittering and whirling like fairies in a choreographed dance.

I hear a sound, its laughter, shocked, wonderful laughter and its coming from my own throat.

I'm laughing.

Surprised at myself, surprised by these concentric wheels and spirals and im laughing. It feels good to feel my neck, and my larynx and my oesophagus move and that gurgling bubbling chuckling.

The lights, they are responding to me, they are reacting, they are beautiful, so beautiful and they emit this glorious scent of all the best smells of musk and woodland and sweets and love.

I feel safe, i feel safe and so i sit.

Even though i know all around me is dark and suffocating because i cant seem to do anything about that, i cant seem to change this, the lights give me something.

They give me a focus, they give me a home, they give me laughter.

So i stay, and i watch and i wait.

And i love.

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