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Posted by Tia Price on March 31, 2016 at 3:40 PM

I have everything, because I have you.

I only have to think of you , my merry three, our happy four, and my whole chest is luminous pink. Glowing. Igniting, a fanfare of love pouring out for all to see.

Walking along as though in some enchanted glade, as I think of my little ones and my loving partner.

Two boys laughing and playing being the best friends I long for them to be. Chums, compadres, partners in crime. Telling them in my mind as I rewind lovely memories of them in the day, how they will always have each other.

How I didn't, when I needed it, and how I want them to have it. Have each other, for always.

Even when they fight and bite and blame. When they think they hate each other because he did this and he said that. They will always have each other after it all.

I imagine them older, defending and protecting. With their secrets together.

I watch them sharing a joke I don't understand in the bath, laughing at some action or another that makes no sense to my adult mind, but cannot wipe the glorious, gormless adoring smile from my face as they play. As they build a bank of fun memories to remember and recount.


And my partner. My lovely, stupid, brilliant best friend who made these amazing creatures with me.

I had months where I mourned a little that we were not just we.

Now, I realise how beautiful and wonderful it is, that we are more. That we are a family.

My beautiful little family that has given me more love and happiness than at any other time in my life.

Real love. Real life. So incredibly real.

I am so grateful for all that I have.

I am so grateful that, because of this, these wondrous people, I have everything.

I have all I'll ever need.

Because I have them.


Thank you.

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