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Recomended Reading!

Spiritual Authors i love!

Sonia Choquette


This lady is incredible and even without meeting her, i think telepathically she has boosted me and lead me to who i am now so much more. Her wavelength is incredible and id recommend any of her books. Im delighted she has a workshop in London on May 19th this year!

Louise Hay


Paolo Coelho


Read 'Manual for the warrior of light'. Excellent!

John. C Parkin- F**k It! The ulitmate Spiritual way!


Don Miguel Ruiz- The 4 Agreements, a book of Toltec wisdom.


Brian Froud


This mans artwork is incredible, he worked on 'Labyrinth' and 'The Dark Crystal' and many many others. Soon i intend to commit his beautiful art to my right arm as a sleeve because its not only beautiful but an homage to an incredible realm of beings that are delighted to see themselves depicted so, rightfully! I just need to find a tattooist talented enough!

Animal Spirit Guides Directory.


An invaluable sourcebook for any meditation and working with Animal Medicine.

 Judy Hall


Any of the 'Bible' series, such as crystals and 'The way of Psychic Protection' -An insightful book and very useful.

For Information on Angel Energy i found this site really helpful!


David J.Pollay


Though i have yet to read his book- on order- this gentlemans philosophy seems wonderful and so i have linked his Blog.



Regular -Amazing- Authors.

Jean Auel


To anyone with an interest in Early man and how we could have lived. The first book took her twenty years of research and toil! Well worth it, its so rich in detail and a beautiful love story.

Neil Gaiman


This man is Amazing, his stories are compelling, imaginative and often avoid a happy ending. Probably my favourite writer....ever.

Emily Bronte


Only wrote one, and its spectacular if you can contend with the language that seems to weave its way around your heart. Profound, harrowing and lovely. My friend and i argue about the wonderful tragedy, she despises the characters but loves them, i find their love beautiful. Wuthering Heights.

Iain Banks


Disturbing and strange but so well written. You wouldnt see it coming.

Alice Sebold


The 'Lovely Bones' is now a film, and very good. The book however, as always, is better. It also depicts the otherside very well.

Eowen Ivey


I just happened to like the title, and on picking it up i have not been able to put it down in the last two days. Its truly captivating, realistic and magickal. Her characters really represent the landscape and for anyone who likes 'grounded' fairie tales, you'll love it.



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