Tarot, Psychic and life readings, psychic and 'general' art, healing and monologues aplenty!


Tarot/Psychic Reading

Full spread reading up to an hour : £30

Three card spread- approx 20 minutes: £15

Psy card reading- approx 20 minutes: £15

For Tarot/ Psychic parties (maximum 8 people) the Host/ Hostess will have a reading for free. If outside of my local area of West Sussex i will be willing to travel providing my travel expenses are covered.


Spiritual Healing- approx 45 minutes: £25

Crystal Healing- approx 45 minutes: £25

Distanced Healing- approx 20 minutes: £15


Psychic Landscapes Painting for healing

Canvas Psychic landscape painting commission. This is a painting which works much like a reading but on a deeper level and requires a longer time scale, i pick up on what it is that requires healing and this will be painted/ depicted in symbols and images and colours and will be specific to you. I paint in acrylic paints but should oil paint be preferred the time scale will be longer as they take longer to dry. It can take up to a month to work on and the price will include the cost of shipping. The size of a standard canvas is A3  however should you want it smaller or larger the price can be negotiated accordingly.

Holding deposit: £30

Full Amount for work including deposit : £100

Examples of my work can be viewed in my Photo Galler under :' Psychic Landscape paintings'


This is the skill of 'reading' objects using clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience (see, feel, hear)

Should you wish an object to be read you can post it to me, by contacting through the Contact Us section, i will read it and send it back with the reading via email. Alternatively if you live locally to Sussex can arrange accordingly.

Psychometry reading: £30

Dream Interpretation

Interpreting up to three dreams- £10

Past Life 'Chart'

This is where i tune into whichever previous life you are being affected by now and i will give you details of what i see and sense from that time. Where you lived, how and what circumstances were around you. I will do my best to supply dates and landmarks for independant research. Should there be any need to sever connections and cleanse that previous life in order for you to be more in your present life i can offer solutions such as cord cutting, Angels who can cleanse and clear any vows of poverty or self sacrifice.

This is not regression, as it is done from an objective psychic viewing point of view, there is no hypnosis, as i will be the one to view and pass on the information.

Cost of 'chart': £20

House Cleansing.

If you live in the local area to West Sussex/Surrey and you are sensing something in your home that is causing problems i can come to your home and cleanse it for you. Should it be a lost soul/ spirit or just energy residue i can ascertain that and then cleanse it. If it involves moving a soul into the light i also do spirit release work. I will then cleanse the house with whicever tools are necessary and ask for you to participate.

Depending on the circumstances this varies. I can also give advice and help from a distance of which i will not charge. If i travel to your home :£30


  • "Thank you again, your reading was amazing. I won't have a reading with anyone else. Lots of validations throughout. Xxxx"
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  • "My reading with Tia was amazing, lots of validations and exciting times ahead . Tia is truley gifted and so lovely to have a reading with. Thank you Tia xx "
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