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 First TV appearance!

In the Autumn of this year (2015) i will be on TV, for my first appearance. The programme is about peple with unusual hobbies, called: 'FanTASTIC' on the new channel 'Community'. I read for the other contestants, hopefully they will be ok with the content being aired, though Trading standards dictates its for entertainment only anyway. The researcher and director also cornered me for readings later too, which was lovely and very accurate. Damn right! 


The August edition of 'Take a Break Fate and Fortune' 2015 features a story by my good self. Naturally it is about 3 steps removed from the actual story, but still, hilariously worth it! The headline was: 'Attacked by Fairies'.


Personal Power, Psychic Skills and Fairie Magick Workshop.

Sunday August 5th from 2pm-7pm.

Tilgate Park. (presently location scouting as this will be held outside in traditional 'circle')

A more advanced follow on from the previous workshop, however this time there will some deeper focus on subjects covered and more in depth work with the 'skills' and also identifying different energies in a different (and nicer) setting.

A basic covering of protection and clearing techniques will start of the session however the aim of this course is to build up personal power through deeper work on chakra energy, specifically the 'personal chakras' (especially Solar Plexus). We will then do some further work on the skills (Calirvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience) and use them to tune into ourselves and the wider panarama.  There will be some meditation work using various crystals (which will be supplied). The second session will go into working with each other and using what we covered in the first session to read for each other (using whichever sense we feel most confident with and perhaps that which we have less confidence in). The last part of the session will involve using these skills to work with fairie energy, as this will coincide with Dusk- one of the best times for this work- and a cleansing camp fire (green fire) as a slightly premature celebration to summers end. I would like us to place some 'thank you's and hopes' into this fire to express gratitude for what we may have recieved and what we would like to gain from the Autumn season.

We will then have a Bar-Be-que at the end just to relax and chat, if you wish to bring anything specific such as alcohol or specific foods please do but some basic vegetarian and meat options will be available.

The cost of the course is (a negotiable) £40-50.

Should you wish to participate please contact me via the 'contact us' form on the website, a deposit of £20 will be required for materials (crystals etc.)

If you have any queries about this and/or upcoming workshops please get in contact!




Tarot Card Workshop.

 This workshop is designed to familiarise onself with the Tarot deck (particularly Rider Waite as is a standard and often most identified beginners deck)

A brief History of Tarot, its origins and what it has been used for.

How to look after your cards and some traditions.

The Minor Arcana, the suits, standard meanings. How to read the cards and how to familiarise yourself with the deck. Reading for oneself and others using a three card spread.

On this day the importance of spiritual protection, gratitude and prayer will also be covered and some ideas on prayers will be offered.

The Major Arcana, the different spreads and their meanings.

The intutitive connections between card and reader, and also the importance of listening to intuition over intellect (ie: the stock meaning from the books).

Full Readings using all the cards exchanging with a partner.

Due to the length of time of this course the cost overall will be £80.

A deposit of £30 is required for materials as all cards will be supplied and you can keep them as your first deck!

Please contact me via the 'contact us' box if you are interested or have any queries, a date has not yet been fixed as i wish to glean an idea of numbers.





Tulleys Farm Shocktober Festivel!

Tarot reader for the Festivel which runs from 6th October- 4th November at Tulleys Farm. This will be my fourth year!

I will be offering short 3 card/5 card readings/ intuitive readings for £5 for approx 5-10 minutes. I am told there will be a queue and so the liklihood of long forecasts is not high. However if you do see me at the event and would like to book a standard hour plus reading, please take my contact details and arrange one after the festivel.





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